Hypnotherapy is a process of aligning your subconscious and conscious thinking.


What that means is, your personal truths are your current predominant belief system.  You have created these thoughts and programming from your life's experiences and stimulus's, or accepted judgments from yourself or others. Your behaviors and habits, good or ill, are being generated from these belief thoughts.

While in a relaxed state, your thought patterns and process are slowed down, allowing for the discernment of one thought and one belief at a time.  This reveals these thoughts to the individual themselves, bringing them into conscious awareness where they can be challenged and changed as appropriate for the individual themselves.  

You can know and understand your limiting beliefs, change your perspective and desensitize traumatic events. You are able to get to the root of what is holding you back, and it's easier and quicker than you may believe.  Thoughts generate emotions that are electrical energy in the brain at different frequencies, and those energetic frequencies can be productive, positive, and healthy or negative and unhealthy.

Hypnotherapy is a non-licensed profession as I am deemed to be non-medical, meaning I don't diagnose, treat or cure anyone medically.  I facilitate clients to challenge and change behaviors by intentionally working with their thought process.  

"Tina created such a safe and loving space.  I felt very comfortable.  Tina is so skilled and knowledgeable, I was able to let go and fully relax.  I felt an incredible shift after my first session." - Alysia