Birth Empowerment

"During my session with Tina, I was able to uncover the limiting beliefs I was holding in my body and in my brain.  The entire process was so easy, she immediately made me feel comfortable and encouraged me to trust my intuition, to use the inner voice and strength I already possessed to discover truth and healing in myself.  

During my birth there were several complications, the process ended up being hours and hours longer than expected.  Running on two days without sleep. Still the work we did was so powerful that I never once felt fear, or doubted my capabilities." - Shelby

Sleep Disturbance

"Tina is a gifted hypnotherapist! She gently helped me confront and clear concerns that had me frantically waking up every night for 8 years!

I am so grateful for her powerful servant leadership."


- Mandy

"Through hypnotherapy sessions, Tina helped me to comfortably and quickly address suppressed emotions in my subconscious related to a sexual assault that had happened years ago but was still affecting me.  After her help, my symptoms of anxiety and PTSD were immediately resolved.  I felt fantastic after our sessions, like I was renewed and in touch with my true self.

Instead of feeling panicked by my past I am now able to tackle the bright future ahead.  I am free to live my life with more clarity, happiness and truth again." - Cayla

Grief Processing

"As Tina worked with me it became apparent that I was grieving my mum who had recently died.  My daughter found my mum collapsed on the floor in her tiny kitchen.  The ambulance arrived and although my mum responded to her name, there was no other response.  She was still breathing.  She had suffered a huge stroke and died only a few hours later.  One thing that stuck in my mind was what the paramedic told me... my mum's blood pressure was so low that she must have been on the floor a very long time.  This tortured me and made me feel guilty that I hadn't contacted my mum the day before.  I was racked with pain, sorrow and guilt.

What happened during my Hypnotherapy Session with Tina was extremely healing.  She guided me through my deep suppressed emotions that, once revealed, could now be addressed and healed.  It was such a loving experience... full of heart and tenderness.  

That huge weight was removed and filled with love and forgiveness.  I am eternally grateful to Tina for this experience, her heart and her true gift. 




"What an empowering experience!
Tina provided such a peaceful and calming experience. I was able to feel empowered to push through some thoughts that have weighed me down for some time. I learned so much about myself and the strength I have through the power of thoughts and spoken words. Tina truly has one of the most loving, kind and gentle hearts." - Susan

Leg Pain Resolved

"I came to Tina the first time not really knowing much about hypnotherapy but I was curious and hopeful. I had been suffering for about a year with painful muscle cramps and tendonitis in my lower legs. This condition made it impossible for me to exercise or even walk across a parking lot without pain. I had been going to a gym for several months to work on correcting my posture and had seen some small improvement but was losing hope that it would be the cure. I asked Tina if it was possible that there was an emotional component to the problem and she said “let’s find out!”.

The session was very revealing. I was able to go back to a memory in my childhood when I felt “stuck” and unable to do something I really wanted to. As Tina guided me to express those feelings and resolve the frustration, I felt free to move! I was then able to see and feel myself running! The session was fun and relaxing but I didn’t know if it would change anything physically. Tina recommended that I give myself some time to let my body settle into this new understanding and see what happened. The results were amazing! Very gradually my legs felt better and within two weeks the pain and cramping was completely gone! I am amazed at how much our mental and emotional state affects out physical state. I’m so grateful I found Tina and now have hypnotherapy as a tool to use for my overall health and well being."


- Dorthy

Desensitizing Sexual Trauma