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Hypnotherapy Session

Sessions are held in person 

or Online 

First  90 min. session         $120.

Three 75 min. sessions       $290.

Five   75 min. sessions       $425.


Phone Consultation

Schedule a complimentary call,

I'd love to answer any of your questions.

 or email me:

Yoga Class

 Group Meditation

Allow me to take your group on a journey of peace, self discovery and self compassion.

Incorporating sound therapy tools.

Breath work and relaxation are the first steps toward taming the mind.

 Pricing depends on location and duration.

As we meet together, we will discuss the subconscious and conscious mind. 

We will review your goals and concerns, then get right to work on transformation.

I will guide you through simple breathing and visualization to assist you into trance.  In this deeply relaxed, calm state, you will be more able to resolve your own issues and better align your subconscious and conscious thinking. 

Sessions are 75 min. to 90 min.