Helping you recover from abusive relationships,

and get to the root of people pleasing tendencies,

so you can more freely live a confident, self trusting,

happier life!



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 Have you lost yourself? 

It's not just about recovering from abuse.  Though, we will work to desensitize the trauma. What if it's also about becoming aware of and overcoming co dependency tendencies so that you can standup for what you feel is right and express yourself freely!

Do you focus on others needs at the expense of yourself? In your mind do you make excuses for giving up your desires to please others.  When someone is rude or callous, do you look the other way? Are you are a pro at walking on eggshells, thinking ahead of possible scenarios, so you can prepare for and go out of your way to make sure every one is happy, rushing to keep the peace and deny the problems.  Your daily thoughts and actions all revolve around keeping the peace and making everyone around you happy.

If your childhood was chaotic and unpredictable, as a survival skill you may have learned to be very quite, repress your needs and rarely ask for help, because you didn't want to be a burden. 

The same coping skills learned during formative years now emerge as people pleasing, people fixing and loosing identity. You struggle to set boundaries and holding others accountable.  You are in constant fear of rocking the boat.  You may believe that in order to be loved that you never upset anyone and serve everyone.  You may analyze your every word and deed.  No wonder you have a hard time making decisions, you are always at the mercy of pleasing others.

Be gentle with yourself, you've done your best to hold yourself and your relationships together.  Sometime these tendencies allow you to more easily attract individuals who are not empathic and only think of themselves.  

You could have had the picture perfect childhood and no codependent tendencies and still find yourself in an abusive relationship. Some things to look out for:  someone constantly devalues you, someone who minimizes your feelings and opinions.  Someone who puts you down, controls you, including what to wear, when you can go out, where you can work, choses your friends and restricts your freedoms.  Watch very carefully the person who is one way in public and another in private.  This tiny paragraph is not even close to describing all of the signs of an abusive personality, I will be adding to my website at a later date.

Friend, if you are asking, or wondering if you're in an abusive relationship, there is your answer.  If you've been in an abusive relationship, you can recover and live a happy life.

Either way, I send you my love.  I will do my best to help you desensitize the trauma, and overcome co dependency. If I feel I can't help you, I will refer you to someone who I feel can.  You deserve to feel loved, accepted, safe and valued.


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When you align your subconscious and conscious thinking, your true, powerful self comes forward.
The true self that is stronger and more brilliant than  trauma.

 My Approach


Your personal truths are your current predominant belief system.  You have created these thoughts and programming from your life's experiences and stimulus's, or accepted judgments from yourself or others. Your behaviors and habits, good or ill, are being generated from these belief thoughts.

You may know this on an intellectual level, but you find yourself fighting an internal battle.

As we work together, I'll guide you into a to a state where your thought patterns and process are slowed down.  In this state you are able and allowed to discern one thought and one belief at a time. 

You can know and understand your limiting beliefs, change your perspective and desensitize traumatic events. You are able to get to the root of what is holding you back, and it's easier and quicker than you may believe.  Thoughts generate emotions that are electrical energy in the brain at different frequencies, and those energetic frequencies can be productive, positive, and healthy or negative and unhealthy.

Imagine what it feels like to know that regardless of others views or actions, you know you are the one responsible and in control of your happiness and success. 

I am passionate about helping you discover your answers from within. I'll share practical tools and techniques that will help you listen to and trust your own inner compass.

Meet Kiersten Quinton & Paisley Larson, intuitive change workers.

Kiersten is  passionate about change and building community through holistic practices. As a  Certified Kundalini Instructor, she helps clients calm their nervous system by teaching specific Breathing Techniques they can do anywhere.  Kiersten facilitates personal and group sessions that include Sound and Harmonic Light Therapy.  Many clients report feeling more grounded, uplifted, aligned, and lighter after their sessions. Other benefits may include calming inflammation and increasing circulation.

Paisley believes releasing emotional and physical tension can help you feel lighter, happier and more free.   As a Licensed Massage Therapist, and Certified Yoga Instructor, Paisley helps clients release trapped, stagnate emotions. Paisley's yoga classes are tailored for individual needs in personal small groups. 

Local Hypnotherapy Programs may integrate components of all or some of these modalities for a balanced, thorough approach.



Virtual Discovery Session

Let's spend some time getting to know each other and helping me understand what your goals for your future are.  Everything I do is tailored to my clients and I really want to take the time to get to know YOU!


Personal Sessions

Changing is intentional effort, I know you'll be amazed at how easy it actually can be.  Let's work together to meet your goals.


Group Resilience Hypnosis

How would it feel if you had greater trust and clarity from within?  Seeking mental toughness?

This is a group of heart driven individuals, just like you, wanting to increase their own light, calmness and resilience! Membership will open soon.


There was a time in my life where I was in so much inner turmoil, pain and confusion, I felt frozen in trauma.  Both my mental and physical health were suffering. Sleepless nights, racing, looping thoughts, over analyzing everything in myself and my environment, put me close to breaking. I felt I couldn't trust my mind or my body.

I began to realize I had two choices, continue living in fear, unhappiness and extreme conflict or face the terrifying unknown. This was truly one of the most soul searching times of my life. 

Slowly and still unsure, I was lead to trauma and group therapy.  During  therapy I made a lot of progress, I still experienced haunting regret, fear and confusion. Forgiveness seemed illusive.

Through prayer, mediation and carefully listening, I was lead to Hypnosis.  I was completely unfamiliar with Hypnosis, but I took a leap of faith, and it completely changed my life.  Through my own Hypnotherapy experience, I began to understand that I could control, calm and trust my thoughts and emotions. I was able let go of regret, bitterness and turmoil.  I felt more inner peace, love and assuredness. I regained self-trust, confidence and was able to forgive others and myself.

Through Hypnotherapy I now know that our past experience are full of life lessons and insights. I truly believe we are able to turn our weaknesses and pain into strengths and wholeness.

My approach is to guide you back to you, helping you tap into your own inner wisdom, strengths, and abilities. 

Let's connect, I'd love to meet you!


Brave, beautiful clients.

Every time I see Tina, my shoulders relax. Her depth of wisdom through experience allows her to support healing and transformation for others. She approaches each individual with gentle care, non-judgement, and warmth. Tina is ready to hold safe space for all who are suffering and is ready for a shift. You will increase in confidence and self-trust as you learn more about yourself and your capacity in your sessions. Working with Tina will change your life!
During my session with Tina, I was able to uncover the limiting beliefs I was holding in my body and in my brain. The entire process was so easy, she immediately made me feel comfortable and encouraged me to trust my intuition, to use the inner voice and strength I already possessed to discover truth and healing in myself. During my birth there were several complications, the process ended up being hours and hours longer than expected. Running on two days without sleep. Still the work we did was so powerful that I never once felt fear, or doubted my capabilities. 
Through hypnotherapy sessions, Tina helped me to comfortably and quickly address suppressed emotions in my subconscious related to a sexual assault that had happened years ago but was still affecting me. After her help, my symptoms of anxiety and PTSD were immediately resolved. I felt fantastic after our sessions, like I was renewed and in touch with my true self. Instead of feeling panicked by my past, I am now able to tackle the bright future ahead. I am free to live my life with more clarity, happiness and truth again.
What an empowering experience! Tina provided such a peaceful and calming experience. I was able to feel empowered to push through some thoughts that have weighed me down for some time. I learned so much about myself and the strength I have through the power of thoughts and spoken words. Tina truly has one of the most loving, kind and gentle hearts.

Hypnotherapy is a non-licensed profession as I am deemed to be non-medical, meaning I don't diagnose, treat or cure anyone medically.  I facilitate clients to challenge and change behaviors by intentionally working with their thought process.